Terms & Conditions

1. Regarding Access to this Website

• The use and access of this website is subject to the following terms of use:

a. all of the various pages on this website (Site)

b. any services provided by the website(Site) that relate to Australian Business Number registration (ABN registration) or other services provided by ABRregistration.org (us, we or our).


• If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions (Terms), we advise that you do not use our website or to use any of our Services.

• If you continue to browse and use this Site or any of our Services, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by these Terms and to abide them in full.


• Our Guarantee to You (Client)


a. We guarantee to you that your application will be submitted within 1 business hour of our receipt of said application. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 6:30pm.


b. We guarantee that your ABN registration shall be completed within a period of 24 business hours after you submit your application, provided that your application is complete and entirely accurate. If your application is incomplete or inaccurate, we will not provide this guarantee.


c. If your application is unsuccessful or we are for any reason unable to process your ABN registration, we will provide you with a refund provided:


i. All details were accurate.

ii. The name on your application is your full legal name.

iii. Your application includes your TFN.

iv. You currently don’t have active ABN with same details.


2. Regarding Intellectual PropertyRights


• The entirety of the content within this sight, including but not limited to all information, graphics, software, images, text, logos and any other components or materials contained within this website (Content) and the specific design by which the content is arranged is a part of our licensors’ copyright. Each trademark on the website is our or one of our licensors’ trademarks/registered trademarks.


• No expressions, wordage or any other message or element contained within this website shall be construed as or intends to grant any implied or express rights to any individual, and thus you may not exploit/use any trade mark, patent, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual property contained within the Site or the Content therein.


3. Regarding Your Obligations and Your Rights


• You are granted the following rights: viewing, printing or downloading any of our Content onto your personal computer that has been designated as permissible for such use.


• You are not granted the right to:


a. remove/alter any trade mark, copyright or notice that appears on this Site;


b. edit/modify any of our Content or sell/publish any of our Content, or make our Content available via another website/blog/online enterprise;


c. translate/reverse-engineer/modify/adapt any of the software that we use for this Site; or


d. create your own links that connect this Site to any other website without first receiving our expressed permission in writing.


4. Regarding Your Use of our Services


• Our services are not intended to advise you of whether or not our Service is right for you or suitable for your needs. It is up to you to make the determination of whether this Service is right for you. Speaking to a representative of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or to a private accountant is a great way to determine whether or not you need an ABN.


• We do have accountants and business professionals on staff, but we are not selling legal services or accounting work as a component of our Service. Therefore we do not claim that we provide or give any legal advice, financial advice or accounting advice.


• If you elect to utilise our ABN registration application online, you are promising us that all information you provide is complete and accurate to your best ability.


• We will not be liable for any damages, charges or any other occurrences that are connected to incorrect information that we provided to you.

• The main goal of this Site is to provide our visitors with the most clear and concise information. If you do not properly interpret the information we provide, we are not in any way liable financially or otherwise for your misinterpretation of our information. We are available if you have questions or informationthat needs clarification.


• We make every effort to begin processing your application for ABN registration services as soon as you send it to us. You therefore authorise us (via the ABNregistration.org business division) or a representative that we nominate for the purpose of acting as a registered tax agent on your behalf, to act on your behalf as you apply for an ABN.


• Our registered representatives maintain communications with representatives of the ATO on your behalf, utilising telephone communication tools and electronic communication software to expedite the processing of your application.


• If we are unable to use our electronic system to immediately submit your application for ABN registration, we must abide by ATO stipulations that require an 8 day waiting period before we may contact the ATO to fix any related issues and push your application through if possible. A small percentage of our clients see this problem, but it is quite a small percentage indeed.


• If the ATO rejects your application, there may be several factors to consider, including:


a. if your information is not identical to whatever information the ATO already had within their records;


b. you have had an ABN in the past, currently have an ABN or have applied for an ABN in the past; or


c. system maintenance or downtime at the ATO website, or system issues or errors at the ATO website and system.


• In the event that your application is not approved by the ATO, one of our registered representatives will (after the waiting period) get in touch with representatives at the ATO to act on your behalf and attempt to solve any issues with your application. The representative will then help you to understand why your application was not approved and if and how you can successfully revise your application. Once we have obtained your ABN, we will make you aware and effectively resign from representing your interests as a tax agent.


• To every extent that is legally permissible, we will not give refunds connected to our service, unless:

a. the refund is issued in accordance with the Terms set forth through our money-back guarantee; or


b. if you elect to notify us that you no longer wish for us to submit an application on your behalf before we or our agents have begun the process to register your ABN. For example, if you send us your application over the weekend while we are closed and then let us know by 8am the next Monday that you no longer wish for us to submit your application, we may give you a full refund (minus a processing, administration, handling and posting fee of $25). Any refund issued under our circumstances is not obligatory and is issued at our discretion.


5. Regarding Privacy Issues


• Our privacy policy explains how we protect your personal data and personal information.


6. Third Party Websites


• Websites that we link to on our Site are not necessarily maintained or controlled by us. When we provide links to third party website we are doing so for your convenience, and we are not responsible for the content contained on any third party website unless specifically expressed by law. We are in no way issuing an endorsement or a recommendation for any of the services, materials, products or content of any third party websites that are linked to on our Site.


7. Regarding Liability


• Unless expressly required by an implied warranty, condition or right that is not able to be excluded or severed by law:


a. we are not providing you with any warranties or rights other than the ones that are expressly delineated within these Terms and Conditions;


b. any implied warranties, terms, rights and conditions are excluded.


• If there is a warranty, right or condition that implied by legal rule and is not able to be excluded, our liability in the event of a breach/act not in accordance the implied warranty, right or condition as set forth in section 68A of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) or, to any extent that is legally permissible.


• In accordance with clauses 7.1 and 7.2, even in the event that you mistakenly assume an implication implied within these Terms, we will not and are not to be held liable to you in tort, in contract, in negligence, in connection with any statute (to any extent that is legally permissible) or in any other way be held liable for any losses of any type or damages of any type, whether direct or indirect that you get as a result of using our Site, our Services or our Content. That includes any instance of a virus reaching your computer from our site or a third party computer or losing your online connection to our Site, our Content or the Services we provide, or any unanticipated or anticipated interruptions to your access of our Site, our Content or our Services.


• You place any reliance in and act in response to any Content of our Site at your own risk. We are thus indemnified from losses or damages that you suffer due to your reliance on any of the Content within our Site.


8. Regarding Termination


• Termination of your access to your Services, Content or Site may occur at our discretion upon our providing you with notice or immediately if you have breached one or more of the Terms set forth herein.


9. Regarding Modification to These Terms


• We may amend our Terms or policies that pertain to our Service, our Site and our Content at any time and at our discretion. We additionally reserve our right to do so without notification. It is your responsibility to be familiar with our Terms and to review our Terms regularly. If you continue to use our Site after we have amended our Terms, you are consenting to our amended Terms.


10. Miscellaneous


• All of the Terms set forth herein are in accordance with the Laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia. By using our Site, you are submitting to the jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales, Australia.


• Should any part or provision contained within these Terms be declared to be unenforceable or invalid, the rest of the Terms will be regarded as valid and shall thus be in full effect as though the unenforceable or invalid part of these Terms had never existed at all.


• The Terms and Conditions set forth herein are the entirety of the agreement between that you and we share and this agreement is intended to supersede any past understandings, negotiations, agreements or representations that pertain to any of the subject matter discussed within these Terms.


11. To Contact Us


• Send us an email at admin@abnregistration.org if you have any questions pertaining to these Terms, our Site or our Services.