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1. What is the purpose of an ABN?
Australian Business Numbers are used by businesses to deal with other businesses and also in certain dealings with the ATO and other government departments. An ABN is also required to register a “” domain name.

2. Once I’ve got my ABN, am I in business?
Yes! With Sole Trader and Partnership ABN’s, you can begin invoicing for your product(s) and/or service(s) instantly and receive payment into your bank account. Company ABN’s are in business after incorporating with ASIC.

3. Which ABN is right for me?
The ABN you need should correspond to the structure of your business.
Find out which structure applies to you, and learn more here ABN Eligibility.

4. I didn’t get my ABN when I expected to… What now?
Your ABN won’t be far away – send us your details and we’ll chase it up with the ABR.

5. How do I get a refund?
Contact us to request a refund. No questions asked if you have paid but haven’t received your ABN yet.

6. Do I need to apply for GST?
You will only need to apply for GST if your business is expected to yield more than $75,000 per year in total revenue.

7. How secure is your site?
We use Australia’s #1 secured gateway – eWay, which is a tier-one PCI DSS compliant gateway.
For more questions please contact us at or Submit your question here
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